The 14th VSIP Charity Day: A spring carnival for workers

-        Themed “Spring Carnival 2017”, the 14th VSIP Charity Day raised US$50,000 for VSIP Charity Fund;
-        VSIP Music Competition’s final round with 34 performances;
-        Charity Walk event attracted nearly 2,000 participants to raise fund for community.
Binh Duong, January 14, 2017 – The 14th annual VSIP Charity Day, organised by Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park Joint Venture (VSIP JV), VSIP Management Board and VSIP Labor Union, has added another $50,000 to the humanitarian reach of the VSIP Charity Fund.

The two-day “Spring Carnival 2017”, which took place on January 14 and 15 in southern Binh Duong province’s VSIP I, featured many activities to celebrate the spring. The carnival atmosphere was made complete with a 70-stall Spring Fun Fair, Spring Carnival Musical Performances and Final Round of VSIP Got Talent 2016, Charity Walk and Spring Carnival Parade.

The 14th VSIP Charity Day brought together government officials, management, and staff of the 300 operating tenants, all doing their part for the less privileged. The raised amount of $50,000 will be contributed to VSIP Charity Fund to continually support meaningful activities such as: building houses for the needy in Binh Duong, granting scholarships to VSIP workers’ children and other poor families in the area, providing free medical consultation and supporting poor workers working at VSIP in emergencies, etc.

The highlight of this year festival is the Charity Walk and Spring Carnival Parade on Sunday morning 15th January, 2017. The Charity Walk and Spring Carnival Parade attracted over 2,000 people from 27 organisations, marching four kilometres around VSIP. The organizers has granted many prizes to participating teams with big number of participants and best parading performance. Especially, 150 students from Vietnam – Singapore Vocational College and 20 students from Ho Chi Minh City’s University of Fine Arts also joined and partly created an 8-metre painting with colorful hand shapes displaying their contribution for a better community. 

In his opening remark, Mr Nguyen Thanh Trung, deputy head of the VSIP management board, said that VSIP Charity Day has become a cultural tradition in the VSIP community. The Charity Walk and Spring Carnival Parade attracted over 2,000 people from 27 organisations, marching four kilometres around VSIP.

At the opening ceremony on 14th January, 300 gifts were granted to the needy families working at companies in the park. Earlier, VSIP Union Trade and several companies in the park have granted thousands of free bus tickets and presents for workers to go home on Tet holiday.
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